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Adviom. Live longer and better!

* Lose weight naturally
* Reduce blood pressure and cholesterol
* Balance hormones
* Reduce inflammation throughout your body
* Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
* Boost your energy and immune system

Capsules per bottle: 90. Serving size: 3 capsules per day. Servings per container: 30.

For decades, anti-aging researchers have been obsessed with the question: can aging actually be regulated and controlled?  Their study focused on the enzymes that are inside every one of your trillions of cells. You see, enzymes regulate the activities of your cells. (If it weren’t for enzymes, you wouldn’t be alive right now!)

So researchers began looking for a super enzyme that would regulate aging in ALL the cells of the body.

They hit the anti-aging jackpot!

They found an enzyme called adenosine-monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) that actually works like a "Master Switch" to regulate aging in every single cell of your body!

When you were young, your AMPK enzyme (your “Master Switch”) operated at a high level.  It boosted your energy, metabolism and immune system; it helped protect you from health problems like weight gain, diabetes and others.

But as you grow older, you probably exercise less and take in more calories. And this begins to de-activate your AMPK enzyme. It’s as if your body’s “Master Switch” gets turned down to “low”. When this happens, your body begins to “give up.” You feel tired all the time. Find it hard to focus. Feel stiff and achy. Blood and cholesterol levels go up. Maybe blood sugar becomes a problem. You get sick more often.

Is there any way to reactivate your AMPK enzyme and turn your body’s “Master Switch” back up to “high”?

Short answer: Yes. For a long time it was thought that there were just two ways to reactivate your AMPK enzyme.  You could go on an extreme exercise and diet program. This will activate your AMPK enzyme— IF you stay on the program!

Or you could take the prescription drug Metformin, which activates AMPK. The problem here is the side effects, which can include diarrhea, fever or chills, stomach discomfort, muscle pain and cramping, painful urination, blurred vision, sleepiness, anxiety and more.

With Metformin, you may live longer…but again, who wants to live like that? the mind-blowing discovery of “the third way” to reactivate your AMPK enzyme. That brings us to the new discovery that is blowing the minds of anti-aging experts everywhere. It’s an easy, all-natural way to re-activate your AMPK enzyme and turn your body’s “Master Switch” to “High”—to SLOW DOWN and even REVERSE aging in some cases. 

This discovery involves two amazing nutrients—and you’ve probably guessed the first one. That’s right, it’s Jiaogulan, the Chinese “Herb of Immortality”. 

Jiaogulan has been shown to reactivate the AMPK enzyme! And that means it can help regulate and fight aging
throughout your body!

Using an extract of Jiaogulan called gynostemma pentaphyllum, (I know, it’s a mouthful, so I’ll call it G. pentaphyllum), our researchers created our new Super Age-Blocker formula, Adviom.

Because it’s based on the very latest in life extension science, Adviom can help you fight aging like nothing else on the planet!

But there’s more.

Trans-tiliroside is a nutrient extracted from plants such as rose hips. Researchers have found that, incredibly, it too helps boost the reactivation of the AMPK enzyme. In preclinical studies, even a low dose of Trans-tiliroside has been shown to promote healthy blood glucose levels and support healthy weight levels. So we also included a generous quantity of Trans-tiliroside in Adviom.

This means that Adviom gives you a powerful one-two punch in the fight against aging.


Gynostemma pentaphylium - 150mg
Rose Hips Extract (from Dog-Rose [Roas-Canina]).  Standardized to 5% trans-tillroside [18.65 mg actual tiliroside content] - 373 mg

Other Ingredients:

Gelatin Capsule, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide.